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Upcoming  Workshops
Under The Tree...

To view upcoming workshop dates and prices, please visit our Facebook page.

Here at The Dreaming Tree... we offer a wide variety of group workshops ranging from mediumship, to boundaries and intentions, to creating your own crystal grid. All of our workshops can be done in a group setting, or altered into a one-on-one mentorship session with Jenni, see mentorship page for pricing and availability.

Specialty Workshops include: 

  • Grid making

  • How to use Smudge

  • Chakra's and Auras

  • Understanding Elements of Change (Seasonal)

  • Meditation

  • Crystals for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Crystals for Kids

Toolkit of Workshops:

  • 5 Clair's

  • Boundaries and Intentions

  • Protection & Connection

  • Empath

  • Mediumship & Psychic 

  • Chakra Basic​


  • Working with Frequency and Vibrational Energy 

  • Honouring & Understanding your Multi-Dimensional Being

  • Advanced Mediumship & Psychic 

To veiw upcoming workshops and their prices, please visit our Facebook page at

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