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Goddess Within - Loose in bags (white tea)

This blend is a blend of white and green teas, paired with fruit and herbs.  This blend is specifically blended for you to honour The Goddess Within, nurturing and replenishing that core feminine energy.  This is a blend of white tea, green Sencha, green Gunpowder, green Kenya, green Dragon Tears, green Golden Dragon, jasmine leaves, jasmine petal, peaches, strawberries, papya, rose petals, hibiscus , elderberries, currants, raisins, apple, rosehips, oranges, banana, cherry and pinepapple. This tea is best heated, however is a soft and sweet iced tea when chilled. This Tea is blended and provided by the Tea Connection in Chatham, and packaged under the tree as loose leaf prepped in disposable tea bags. 10 bags each can be steeped 3 times, offerin g you up to 30 cups of tea. 

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