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Kim Butler

Reiki, Core Shamanic Practices, Higher Dimensional Healing

Kim Butler; born a true Medium and Healer.  True to self, an empath, highly connected to spirit and always educating herself in the spirit world.  With a constant connection through self work and helping those around her who ask.  Kim is a Reiki Master and brings to our small town of Harrow training from Saskatchewan in Higher Dimensional Healing, this service was not offered in our area until NOW!!   Recently certified in Core Shamanic Practices, Kim will now be offering; "Passing of the Power, which is a technique of empowering you, "Retrieval of Power Animal", which are guides and guardians, "Psychopomp", which is a very gentle way of checking in on loved ones who have passed over, "Extraction", which isremoving discordant energies with her helping spirits assistance, and "Soul Retrieval, which is retrieving parts of the soul that have left the body due to illness, trauma, pain, and more.  This is a great modality towards healing self and spirit.  Removal of cords that keep us from progressing forward.  Using, Intuition, Crystals, Contact with High Self - you are sure to on your way to healing.

Kimi is a certified Reiki Master, Medium and Higher Dimension Healing Practitioner. 
​Shamanic Practitioner
She offers Reiki, Dimensional Healing Sessions, Core Shamanic Practices under the tree.
A Reiki Session with Kim is $75.00
A Dimensional Healing Session with Kim is $80.00
A Shamanic Practice Initial Consultation with Kim is  $20.00
A Shamanic Practice Session with Kim is  $80.00 less $20.00 Consult fee = $60.00
House Clearing/Cleansing & Paranormal Investigation - by appointment

Kim is a visiting dream team practitioner at The Dreaming Tree... and all payments for her services
are paid directly to her via cash or e-transfer. 

​Book with Kim on our Services Page or online @

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