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Mentorship with Jenni

Jenni is now offering one-on-one mentoring sessions under the tree! Turn any group workshop into a mentoring session for the personal connection, or pick one of our other mentor exclusive options.

Protection and Connection 

Private Mentorship Session

Take 3 private mentor sessions with Jenni and focus on strengthening your ability to protect yourself and connect to the world and those around you. Ask questions and tell stories to tailor this mentor experience to be exactly what you need and keep the information at your level. This can be offered in 1 - 3 hour session, or 3 - 1 hours sessions, please be sure to request which approach you would like when booking. $85.00 + HST


Private Mentorship Session

Learn why you feel agitated in large crowds or why you want to cry when your friend tells you how bad their day was. Jenni will work with you 3 times for 1 hour each, and help you to find ways to release everything you pick up from those around you and how to protect yourself from grabbing onto it again. $85.00 + HST

Chakra & Auras

Learn about your 7 main chakras and what they do and where they are. In these 3, 1 hour sessions, or 1 - 3 hour session, with Jenni - you will learn what to eat, wear and consciously do and think to keep them all aligned, and thriving. As well as the awareness of when one or more of the chakras are imbalanced. $85.00 + HST

Private Mentorship Session


Pick where to start with this 3 hour or 3 - 1 hours sessions mentor session with Jenni. Beginner sessions are for those that are brand new to crystals, Intermediate are for those that feel like they still have more to learn, and the advanced are for those that want to go more in depth with the knowledge they already have. Each "level" is a 3 hour session or can be broke up into 3 = 1 hour sessions. Please be specific when booking what level you are booking for, please keep in mind if you would like to do all 3 levels that would be 3 - 3 hour sessions @ $85.00 each or 9 - 1 hour sessions, whichever approach you would like Jenni is happy to accommodate.

Private Mentorship Session


Learn one on one from Jenni in a 3 hour or 3 - one hour sessions about what it means to be mindful, and how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. Learn about mindful meditation, ways to re-train your responses to everyday stressors, and irritants. $85.00 + HST

Private Mentorship Session


Private mentor session with Jenni that teaches you the value of meditation, how to meditate and the health benefits of meditation. Work with Jenni to create your personal mediation routine and patterns that work best for you. This can be offered in a 3 hour session or 3 - 1 hour mentor sessions , and will leave you with valuable skills and techniques that you can use in your everyday life going forward. $85.00 +HST.

Private Mentorship Session


Learn how to set your boundaries with those around you, and with spirit, and put intentions behind everything you say and the boundaries that you set. Take time with Jenni in a 3 hour session, or 3 - 1 hour sessions to learn how to do this, as well as get guidance on what boundaries you need to be setting in your everyday life. $85.00 + HST

Private Mentorship Session

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